Here are just a few of the comments that I have received about my book:

  • "Ann through her book covers a wide set of topics which allows the carer to make informed choices." 
Mr Cuff - Specialist Consultant in safeguarding vulnerable children and adults.

  • "She has a very sound knowledge of Child Health particularly of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."
Dr Cheriyan F.R.C.P.CH. Consultant Pediatrician.

  • "I have read sections of the book and would like to say what an easy and straightforward read it is."
J. White - Family Liaison Officer

  • "The section on food was interesting as it contained foods that I wouldn't have considered could affect a child's behaviour"          
M. Seymour - Parent

  • "I was very impressed because it was very informative and an easy read for parents. I will certainly encourage parents to read it."     
C Davidson - Specialist Practitioner Public Health Nurse for School Nursing

  • " I found this book extremely helpful. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with A.D.H.D. and this book helped me understand how she feels about living with A.D.H.D., the way she sees things and everyday implications of living with this disorder. This book would also be helpful if you suspect your child has A.D.H.D.. The author explains the avenues you need to go down to get your child diagnosed. There is as very interesting and helpful section on behavioural management techniques which we have put into practice and they work! I would recommend this book to anyone who is either a parent or carer of a child who suspects they have A.D.H.D., a parent or carers who's child has a diagnosis of A.D.H.D., teachers and family members of the child."
R. Hogan - Parent

  • "I like the way you describe A.D.H.D. in terms of the whole family - Mom (or Mum!), Dad and George and how it affects George both in school academically and socially. I also like how you describe what's going on chemically in the brain. You present the material in a easy-to-read format too! "  
Cheryl Susman M.A. M.B.A. Et /P  A.D.H.D. Executive   Function Coach.  Illinois U.S.A.

The following are just a sample of the feedback from the evaluation forms handed out at my presentations and public speaking events: (Schools, Parents, Foster Carers, Residential Staff,Family Liaison Officers, Social Workers,  etc.)

  • "Improved my understanding of A.D.H.D. and other conditions"
  • "New knowledge taken from the presentation will benefit me immensely"
  • "Will help me deal with an older child who is demanding"
  • "Will help with the support I give to young people in school"
  • "Both the book and the information will give us a solid base to build on in our day to day work in school"
  • "Ann explained to us the different symptoms that relate to A.D.H.D. in a way that was easy to understand she always offered to go back on subjects if we did not fully understand them."
  • "Really enjoyed the presentation, flowed well, and was very informative in lots of areas and conditions."
  • "Very informative and engaging"
  • "Good to understand the psychology side of behaviours both around A.D.H.D.and those children that mimic A.D.H.D. some mimics because of past experiences"
  • "Some interesting games suggested"
  • "How to understand the mood swings and self awareness and different ways to say things to encourage them to try something"
  • "A really good explanation of what is happening in the brain plus value of medication."
  • "I have already identified a looked after child,s symptoms and will be able to be more proactive in the future and now".